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Welcome to my home on the Web!  My name is Kimberly.  The majority of my Clientelle know me as "LadyKimberly" from, and

On this wesbsite, I offer Live Psychic Phone Readings, Live Psychic Chat Readings, Email Readings, Reiki Work and Candle Work  24/7.

This Website is to offer reduced pricing to my regular paying Clientelle.  

A little bit about me........

I am a Clairvoyant with 28 years experience.  I have been doing Live "in person" Psychic Sessions for 15 years.  During those 15 years I have literally traveled across the globle to meet with clients to offer "in house" Sessions.  I have met some of the most INCREDIBLE clients  along the way.  I also worked on "PRN/900 Psychic Lines" offering my services.  The most recent 10 years I have offered my Psychic Sessions online.  As previously mentioned above, I am proudly a 5 Star Psychic Advisor on, and  Through these sites I have been truly blessed with literally tens of thousands of new and now existing clientelle.  

My work is everything to me.  I offer my Psychic Services full time.  This has been my career for 28 years and going strong.  Each day I thank God for being able to offer my gift of 'seeing' to my clients.

I treat each client with love, care and deep respect.  I kindly ask for the same in return.  I take great pride in being honest, accurate and never holding back information in a session.  I will always speak truth to you.  

When you are getting ready for your session, I do ask that you do the following:

In final, I hope you enjoy this website and I hope it allows you and I to speak more often due to reduced pricing.

I love you all and again THANK YOU for your continued faith in me and my gifts!


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